Midwest Vanadium Pty Limited Iron

Our team was approached to help project-manage the set-up of the supply chain to enable the first phase of ore shipments to commence.

Midwest Vanadium Pty Limited (MVPL) is owned 100% by Atlantic Ltd, an ASX-listed resources company. MVPL is completing the redevelopment of the Windimurra mine and ore processing facility in Western Australia.
The project produces vanadium and the iron ore as a by-product is the main vanadium crushing and smelting operation. A new logistics supply chain was required to transport the iron ore fines over 420km from the Windimurra mine site to the Port of Geraldton.


Delivered operational supply chain on time capable of handling the initial 120,000 tonnes of with growth plans to support the 1,5mtpa of annual shipments.

Handed supplier relationships for the final solution to client operations team to coordinate the first shipments.


Achieved cost savings per tonne of 10% versus the original project budget.

Midwest Vanadium Pty Limited Iron


Midwest Vanadium Pty Limited Iron


Our team commenced with an intensive diagnostic study of the supply chain development activities to understand the current progress.
The gap analysis identified four key areas of the supply chain that required urgent attention:
- Obtaining necessary consents from local authorities to use roads and bridges along the 420km route.
- The selection of the transport providers for the long and short haul activities from the Windimurra mine site to the storage sheds at the Port of Geraldton.
- Identify and select a local storage facility in Geraldton to house the initial shipments.
- The selection of the stevedoring provider that could achieve the minimum load rate of 500 - 600 tonne per hour from stockpiles.

Midwest Vanadium Pty Limited Iron


- Identify preferred business partners and develop a robust selection process.
- Validate the selection criteria with senior management and the board of directors.
- Coordinate all the EOI review meetings and selection process.
- Generate a recommendations paper for the board members to select the preferred business partners.
- Develop a master schedule with the successful parties outlining detailed plans for rapid implementation.

Midwest Vanadium Pty Limited Iron


Our team developed a visual management centre that displayed the status of the partner selection regulatory approval process.
- Identified leading logistics providers and invited them to tender.
- Defined a structured review process with key stakeholders which greatly improved coordination and the speed of decision making.
- Selected preferred logistics partners for the three legs of the supply chain.
- Applied go-look-see to validate claims made by leading bidders to confirm they could deliver the service levels that they claimed.
- Coordinated all approvals and activities to modify the storage facilities to accept the iron ore fines.
- Coordinated the Dept of Mining and Petroleum applications.
- Actively challenged all aspects of the council planning and main roads approval process to reduce lead times.
- Challenged and supported all suppliers to deliver to the challenging delivery schedule.
- Coordinated the earthworks and installation of the weighbridge on the mine site.