Enabling Resilience and Resourcefulness

GP practices in the north of England needed support in designing an unprecedented system in order to administer flu vaccines to 3.5k patients as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.

This was a small practice with limited access and one waiting room, and it was impossible to admit patients in line with social distancing rules.


Flu Vaccines Administered


More walk-in clinics developed

Creating a thriving team that were able to critically evaluate challenges

Enabling Resilience and Resourcefulness


• Minimising the chances of Covid-19 cross-infection to all 3.5k patients
• Energetic staff embracing creative problem solving, new tools and techniques
• Lasting improvement in internal communications
• Unprecedented communication with external suppliers, suppliers, authorities and charities
• A thriving team outside their comfort zone
• Successful model for future mass vaccinations
• Achievements beyond original brief, and developing three further walk-in clinics for patients without car access

Enabling Resilience and Resourcefulness


• The small practice had limited access
• The practice requirements had to be considered, including onsite wifi, sanitation, liaison with local CCG, police, highways and council

Enabling Resilience and Resourcefulness


• Create a safe environment for staff and patients to be able to administer the flu vaccine during a global pandemic

Enabling Resilience and Resourcefulness


• Create a stakeholder process map to understand operations and issues
• Compile discussion points, process plans and action lists within workshops for practice staff
• Looking at practicalities of requirements for wifi, sanitation and liaising with CCG, police, highways and council
• Supporting with best methods for layout, signage and promotional material
• Activating steps needed to digitise vaccination letters, control check-in process using scannable barcodes and equipment