Efficient Tower Erection

Our team were engaged to help identify key constraints within the tower erection foundation phase and reduce lead time through identified improvement projects.

This client is a world-class infrastructure services business operating across the infrastructure lifecycle, with leading positions in major markets.


Days average at a saving of circa £50,000 per day.


Reduction of lead time on foundation process from 33 days average to sustained 22


Production of prioritisation matrix giving a reduction in late deliveries of foundation designs of 56%.

Efficient Tower Erection


Introduction of formalised communication loop with roles and responsibilities identified.
Relocation of key support roles to on-site location.

Efficient Tower Erection


- High levels of downtime due to poor resource allocation.
- Poor communication loop from start to finish process.
- The location of key support departments spread over remote locations.
- Low level of materials / plant auditing, little awareness of actual versus planned on site.
- No accountability back to customer when promised release dates for information and access not achieved.
- High resistance to change from a long established workforce.
- No long term image or plan in place of how to achieve and capture an improved and sustainable method for providing foundations.

Efficient Tower Erection


- In depth stakeholder engagement, defining current & future state.
- On site real time diagnostics working alongside foundation teams to expose true blockers and root cause.
- Carry out “just do it” improvements on site.
- Plan, deliver and monitor longer term improvement activities.
- Develop implementation plan for roll out across all sectors.

Efficient Tower Erection


- Full diagnostics allowing for capture of constraints at point of occurrence.
- Communication loop including roles and responsibilities captured.
- Supported improvement activities, with learn by doing approach
- Development and capture of ideal method for foundation process.