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Our client provides Facility Management and support services to over 150,000 properties across the UK, Canada and the Middle East.

Our client provides Facility Management and support services to over 150,000 properties across the UK, Canada and the Middle East, by maintaining and operating buildings to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the people who use them. Their self-delivery capabilities sit across the full range of hard and soft facilities management services ranging from security to housekeeping, mechanical and electrical engineering work, energy services and even workspace design and utilisation.


They ensure that customers’ estates are running as they should be, ensuring statutory compliance, and maintaining the lifts, lighting, heating and cooling systems inside to ensure people work safely and comfortably. The technical capabilities include mechanical and electrical, fabric, water/fire and security and they deliver these services through a mix of mobile and dedicated on site engineers.


In January, Stores issues resulted in 490 service failure points, 45% of all SFP in
that month

In March, Stores SFP contribution is reduced from 45% down to 19% of all SFP

In May the target achieved of 10% stores related SFP

New management structure implemented for stores

Stores to be included in the induction programme for new starters

Task progression and status reviewed in daily dashboard meetings

Developed standard operating procedures and processes for stores

Developed training material for roll out of new practices

Jeopardy management process created and mapped out

Task management improved through real time monitoring by schedulers

2014 deduction costs for SFP’s £850K expected reduction of SFP costs for 2015 of £360K (averaging at £15k-£20k a month from £70k)


- High level and unsustainable level of service failure points associated to stores
- Stores lacking processes and control
- Poor understanding of stock levels and critical spares
- Prioritisation of part shortages not always understood or escalated
- Lack of communication between stores and engineers
- Stock control and associated database out of date/not utilised
- Parts ETA not challenged or assessed for improvement
- Proactive management of problems was not evident
- Poor communication between Engineers and other departments
- A distinct blame culture working in silos
- No data collection or analysis reviews
- Weak Leadership with no real control of workforce


- Data collection and Validation of types of work, performance related by teams and individuals and stores stock audit.
- Current State Mapping showed how process flow contributed to gaining service failure points
- Opportunity Search allowed our team to focus on the 3 key areas for business improvements to add real value to the project
- Identify Quick Wins


- Developed Solutions for real time monitoring of scheduled work with a risk factor built into the process
- Implement solutions
- Track and monitor effectiveness through response times and allocation and distribution of suitable resource


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