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30% turnaround reduction for global MRO.

Delivering a programme to reduce Turn Around Time, decrease man hours and free up hanger space.


The company is a Global MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul); which cater to clients needs from over 20 Middle East, Asia, North & South America airport facilities.
The company had significant problems with aircraft Turn Around Time and high man hours which had an effect on hanger space.


Reduction in Turn Around Time by 30%

Decrease in man hours of up to 40% on MRO checks

Hanger space created for up to 7 additional checks per year

Standard sequence of checks agreed and placed onto WSB

Standardised hangers for aircraft and equipment

Clear visual (WSB) tracking boards set up in each area to show plan Vs actual and project status


- No schedule to track status of progress of aircraft
- No visual management
- Project milestones not clearly defined
- Poor use of resource 
- No communication between all departments 
- No standardisation of MRO Checks 
- High amount of waste during 6 week MRO check


- Create visual status tracking method 
- Coaching and mentoring aircraft leads through visual
management process 
- Develop communication network within all departments 
- Company reporting system set up 
- Standardise MRO checks 
- Reduce Turn Around Time thus creating space in the hanger
- Reduce man hours on MRO checks


WSB (Work Sequence Board): Introduce WSB on each check to make visual the aircraft status, man power requirements along with notifying other areas when required. 

Standardised MRO Checks: Defined standard for MRO check agreed by all supervisors. 

One to One Training: Train all levels within the organisation on Lean processes and to define roles and responsibilities.

Problem & Countermeasure/ Problem Solving: Concerns raised, meetings held weekly between mechanics & support shops to follow concerns & address outstanding issues. Train all levels of the company on different problem solving tools. 


Project Planning: Schedules & man hours set against achievable project plan.


- New standardised company format for all checks
- Management able to check the status of all aircraft at a glance
- Problems clearly highlighted for all to see
- Problems resolved through regular problem countermeasure meetings 
- Aircraft turnaround time reduced
- Man hours reduced by the elimination of waste 
- Fair distribution of work amongst mechanics 
- Increased moral of staff 
- No task cards lost or missed 
- Increased customer satisfaction